Are you also a fan of slack? In Contractbook, we use this tool for all internal communication amongst different departments - and even for external communication with close partnerships too. 

Since we’re always catching up on what’s going on in Slack, we ourselves set up different integrations notifying relevant channels in Slack when a contract in Contractbook gets updated. This means whenever someone signed something, requested changes or declined an agreement. Sounds like a valuable notification? 

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Contractbook Business Account (27€ monthly)
  • Zapier Account (free)
  • Slack Account (free)

Imagine your sales-department getting all hyped and motivated because each of their signed sales-agreements will be announced in their internal slack-channel. The vibe and mentality that comes from this is priceless! You can have this running within the next 15 minutes by following the setup-steps below.

How to set up your integration

  1. Login to your Zapier account and make a new zap. Now select Contractbook as your trigger-app, choose “Contract Updated” as your trigger event and connect your Contractbook account. You’re now able specify the trigger with the following events;

    “Edited and Resent”
    “Changes Requested”

  2. Now select Slack as this is the app that you want to perform an action based on the trigger you’ve just defined. You’ve got various options to specify your action event in slack, meaning: you can send a message directly to a person or a channel.

    Before turning your new zap on you just need to customize your message. You could for instance define your automated message to include the name of the sales person, the customer, signing date or perhaps even extract and attach the contract as PDF.

  3. Turn on your new zap! Easy as that.

Never again miss an opportunity to instantly react to important matters such as your contracts! If you have any trouble following the above steps simply reach out in our support-chat and we’ll be happy to guide you. 

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