We just updated our Zapier actions and triggers. Here is a list:

New triggers 

  • New draft
  • Draft edited
  • New template 

Use the new triggers for notification for approval or delivery.

New actions

  • Create a draft

Use the new action to create drafts based on data from a different application.

Create a draft vs create a contract
You might be already familiar with auto-generation of contracts through Contractbook. It’s done using “Crate contract” action in Zapier. This update isn’t much different except your account will not automatically be signing as the first party on the contract, which means the second party doesn’t receive the auto-generated agreement before you’ve got a chance to review all variable inputs and confirm the final shape of the contract.

Interested in this sort of automation? Here’s a couple of real life examples to use with create draft action:

  1. Legal-checks for agreements generated through client-faced submission forms like Google From or Typeform 
  2. Loan-requests-forms which requires accountants confirmation on clients asking.
  3. Sales-proposals generated from publicly available questionnaires for reviewing. 

Have fun zapping ⛈️ 

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