Need to move multiple or delete documents at once?
No problem, we got you covered!

You now have the ability to select and move, add, or delete, single or multiple documents at once. You can easily do so by following these 4 simple steps.

  1. Hover over a document and click off the checkbox on the left side.
    You'll see a small tooltip bar appearing in the bottom of the page once you have selected a document.
  2. Select documents
    On the tooltip you are presented with the possibility to choose ALL documents.
  3. Choose either moving to your private folder, adding to a shared folder, or deleting multiple documents. Here's what it means:
    - Move to:
    Moves a document in between your private folders
    - Add to:
    Creates a reference to the original file in one of your shared folders.
    - Delete: Deletes and removes your documents or drafts from your profile

    When "adding" a document to a shared folder, the document will still be placed in whatever private folder you may have placed it in. That means the document you own is not "moved" to a shared folder, but simply shared in that specific shared folder.

HINT: Deleting and removing documents or drafts are irreversible actions and should be carefully considered before using this option.



  • Other users will be able to edit and manage this document
  • Changes made by other users will be visible on the document, in your folder
  • Share the document further

As an owner of a document you are in complete control and can remove/unshare the document from any folder it has been added to, learn more about Shared Folders and how it works in this article!

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