A highly requested feature has arrived! You are now able to share your documents with specific people by placing it in a "Shared Folder". This way you can easily manage and control who has access to your important documents.

Table of contents:

1️⃣ Creating a shared folder
2️⃣ Add documents to shared folder
3️⃣ Sharing a folder
4️⃣ Removing a document from a shared folder
5️⃣ Good to know


1️⃣ Creating a shared folder

Before being able to place documents in a folder and sharing it, you need to create the shared folder.

Step 1: Go to "Documents"

Head over to the documents folder and locate the blue icon "Shared Folders" in the left-side menubar.

Step 2: Create new shared folder

You will by default have a "Shared Folder" marked by a blue icon. 

  1. Click on the three dots on the right side of the folder and click "New Subfolder".
  2. Then name the folder and press enter - your new Shared Folder has been created!

In the example below you can see two shared folders that we created named "HR" and "Sales"


2️⃣ Add documents to shared folder

Now that you have created your first shared folder you will need to add your documents to the folder that you wish to share.

Step 1: Locate the document and click the three dot icon

Click the three-dotted icon and choose "Add to shared folder". When clicking this option you will be presented with a pop-up that allows you to choose the shared folder you want to add it to.

HINT: The document will not disappear from your private folders and stay in the list until you move it to a private folder by choosing "Move to...",

Step 2: Add to a shared folder

Simply choose the folder you want to add your document to and click "confirm".


3️⃣ Sharing a folder

Your folder has been created and documents has been added - awesome! 🎉
Next step is to finally share it with your desired collaborators or members. Here's how.

Step 1: Click into shared folder and click "Share Folder"

When you have clicked on your shared folder you will see that a big blue button appears on the upper right side of the screen that says "Share Folder".

When you click on the "Share Folder" button you will be presented with a pop-up that allows you to choose members of the team that you wish to share the shared folder with, or invite a person by inserting their email address. See the image below.

Step 2: Share folder

As soon as you have clicked "Share Folder" the below pop-up will appear allowing you to fill out and choose who you want to share the folder with.

  • Choose team and members:
    You can choose a specific team and a specific member of the team that you want to share your folder with. This will allow that member to view all the contracts which has been added to the shared folder.
  • Invite by email address:
    If the person is not a part of a team you can add them to the folder by inviting them through their email address.
  • Add a message:
    Last option before sharing is adding a message. Give some context to why you are sharing the folder or what you would like your collaborators to do in the folder. When done simply click "Share Folder" and boom 💥 The folder has been shared.


4️⃣ Removing a document from a shared folder

If you mistakingly added a document to a shared folder or simply want to unshare it from a folder, here's how.

Step 1: Choose "Remove from shared folder"

Step 2: Click the "X" on the folders you want to remove the document from


5️⃣ Removing a member from a shared folder

After your folder has been shared you can easily remove them again. 

  1. Simply click the partied shared with or "Share Folder" button, and you will be presented with the same pop-up as inviting new members.

2. To remove a member click on the "X" next to the members name

3. Lastly click "Remove"


6️⃣ Good to know

Owning a document rules

As an owner of a document you are in complete control and can remove/unshare the document from any folder it has been added to.

Moving documents vs. adding documents

As of now you have two options that you need to differentiate by and those are "Move to..." and "Add to..."

  • Move to: Moving a document in between your private folders.
  • Add to: Adding your document to a shared folder.

When adding a document to a shared folder, the document will still be placed in whatever private folder you have. That means the document you own is not "moved" to a shared folder, but simply shared in that specific shared folder.

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