To facilitate an even smoother contract flow, now you can sign your contracts with NemID on the  platform. 

1. What is NemID?

NemID is the Danish National ID. It is a common secure login on the Internet that one can use for accessing online banking services, public authorities and private websites. You can also use NemID for providing your digital signature.

2. How it works?

In short, NemID compromises a user ID, a password and a code card that indicates the one-time passwords (called codes), these must used together with your user ID and your password. NemID is the same login everywhere. When you log on, you first enter your user ID and password and then a code from your code card.

3. When do I need to use NemID?

NemID is required for certain types of national documents such as corporate agreements, annual reports, company foundation document (stiftelsesdokument). When you use NemID to provide your digital signature, you obligate yourself towards the recipient in the same way as you do when you sign a document physically.
You need to use NemID signature only if it is a requirement or you sign a certain type of document. In other case you can use the SMS verification. A contract signed via SMS verification is as binding as signing a document physically. 

4. Do I I have to pay for it?

NemID charges 0,4 € per signature, so you are paying directly to NemID.  You pay for NemID only when you use it. Each NemID signature is billed separately and you need to attach an active credit card to your account to use it. After you have attached a credit card, every future NemID signature will be charged automatically.

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