The "Comments" feature is a great way to facilitate improved collaboration in many different cases. Some examples to when "Comments" could be helpful for you: 

  1. You want to collect information or input from your recipient(s) 
  2. You want to get feedback on the contract from your colleagues or your lawyer before sending it
  3. or you just want to make comments for yourself on the contract your are working one (for your own use) 

Now you have worked on your draft  and would like to have a second opinion on it. You can easily share the draft with your colleagues and ask their opinion using the comment function. You can easily share your draft by clicking “Share” in the bottom right corner or you can see how easily you can do it here.

1. Adding Comments

Comment feature enables you to discuss the content of a draft by adding comments to specific paragraphs. To start collaborating on your draft, open the draft you want to work on and select “Comment mode” at the bottom of the page.

To make a comment, highlight the section where you want to insert the comment and a dialogue box will appear where you can write your comment.

When you have made a comment to a section in the draft, it will appear a bobble indicating that there is a comment, as in the example below. In the dialogue box you have the possibility to edit, delete your comment and add new comments to the same section, creating a comment thread.

When you have shared your draft with your colleagues or team members, they can see the comments you have made. When selecting “Comment mode” they will be able to see all your comments and add their own. 

2. Active and Resolved Comments

To keep a track of the comments activity you can always see the active comments and the resolved once.

Active comments are indicated with a number and when you click on it, the comment will appear. It is a convenient way to see a comment linked to the specific area in the draft. 

If you resolve a comment you can always find it under “Resolved comment”. In the draft it will be indicated with a check sign. You can always reopen a comment thread.

Whenever someone have made a comment in a draft that you've shared, you'll get a notification both in-app and on email. The same goes for the people you're collaborating with. 

Now you are ready to start collaborating in a more efficient way on your drafts!

Note: The comment feature is available only from Standard+, Business, Enterprise and Suits . Your collaborators don’t have a paying plan? No worries. They will still be able to use the comment feature, but only to the specific document you shared with them.

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