By default all your documents are placed under the main folder, weather it is Templates, Drafts and Contracts. Once you're ready with your personal Folders hierarchy you probably want to move all your documents accordingly 🙌 

Follow the steps below to move any document to your desired Folder:

1. Click on the menu behind the document you wish to move and choose "Move to"

Note: This example is made in the Templates section - the function works the same way weather you're moving Drafts, Contracts or Folders themselves. Regarding moving Contracts, for now it is possible to move only contracts you've sent out, received contracts will be held in the general Contracts folder.

2. Choose the Folder you wish to move the document to and click "Confirm"

3. Go in the designated Folder and you'll find the moved document 👍 

Now you're ready to organize all your documents in a way that works for YOU! 🚀


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