Do you need to organize your documents according to departments, years, quarters or any other way for a better overview?

Folders structure works the same way, weather it's under your Templates, Drafts or Contracts. In each of those sections you have the main folder named according to the tab (Templates, Drafts or Contracts), that can't be edited or deleted. You'll start building your individual Folders hierarchy under those folders.

1. Creating your Folders

Click on the menu next to the main folder and choose "New Subfolder"

Note: We'll use Templates section as an example here, follow the same steps when creating folders in Drafts and Templates

Name your new subfolder and click on the done button

That's it - your new Folder is created! 🙌 

Following the same steps you can create subfolders under your own folders

Creating your very own Folders hierarchy

2. Removing Folders

To remove a folder click on the menu next to the Folder which you wish to delete and choose "Delete"

Note: To make sure that you never lose any of your documents, it's allowed to delete only empty Folders. Makes sure to move all subfolders and documents before you wish to delete a Folder.

3. Renaming Folders

You can easily rename your Folders by choosing "Rename" in the menu next to each Folder

Note: Only the names of the parent folders - Templates, Drafts and Contracts - can't be changed

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