Ready to organize all your documents in a more efficient way?
Our answer is YES as well 🙌

We're glad to introduce Folders in Contractbook - a way for you to organize all your templates, drafts and contracts in folders. Folders give you the power to decide how to separate and categorize your documents in a structured way.

How does it work?

Folders will not only improve the way you work with documents, there's also some changes to the UI to make Folders easily accessible:

  • You'll always have an overview of your Folders section on the left side
  • You'll have the controls to create, move, rename and delete all your folders and sub-folders to your liking from the Folders section
  • Categories and Filters are moved above the document list for easier navigation

Here's how the Folders section and moved Categories and Filters look for you 😉

Move around individual documents in your Folders in a familiar way:

That's what we believe is making working in Contractbook easier and more structured for you! 🚀

Ready to dig deeper?

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