How you benefit from sharing contracts:

  1. Get your contract reviewed before signing: Do you need your lawyer or colleague to look at the contract before you sign it? Share the contract with them so they can review it for you.
  2. Give access to specific signed or stored contracts: Share specific signed and stored contracts with your accountant or other relevant people outside your team in Contractbook.

Step 1: Open the contract you'd like to share and click Share

Note: It can be any type of contract (eg. Pending, Signed, Imported etc)

Step 2: Add the email(s) and message and press Share

Congrats! Your contract is now shared with these people, they'll receive an email with your message and a link to the contract ūüôĆ

Note: Shared contracts can not be edited but only viewed and saved as PDF.


You'll always have an overview with who you've shared each contract by looking at the top bar in the contract: 

Or looking a the "Shared with" back in your Contracts list:

Cancel sharing 

If you'd like to stop sharing the contract just go in the contract again and press the Share button again. You'll be able to delete each email to disable the access to the contract:

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