Do you have some contract templates that you always send to the same people? An example could be a board meeting, where a document needs to be sent and signed monthly and by all the board members. 

Avoid entering all the personal and signature details over and over again by saving them to your template in the preview mode.

Saving party and signature details in a template

Step 1: Go to Templates tab and click on 'Edit template' you wish to add the details to

Step 2: Click on the Preview mode at the bottom bar to reveal the contents of Personal details and Signature details fields

Step 3: Fill in (and add if needed) the party you want to save for that template.

Step 4: Scroll to the bottom of the template and do the same for the Signature fields.

Step 5: Scroll back to the top and press Save changes 

There you go, next time you create a new draft out of that template, the saved parties and signees are already filled for you! 🙌

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