In order to have maximum flexibility in the way you handle your contracts, you are able to define the signees of a contract. This means that you do not have to be a signing party of a contract in order to send it. Instead, it is possible to prepare a contract and send it for others to be signed.


By choosing the "Only others" option you prepare a contract to be signed by other parties. You will therefore not be a signing party in the contract.

Step 1: Fill in the information of the signing parties

Choose "Only others" and make sure to fill in the information of the first signing party in the first fields. The first signing party will be the one who appears to be "sending" the contract to the other parties in the final contract.

Your information will not be visible on the final contract.

Fill in the information of the other parties/recipients in the other information fields. You can add more parties or signatures in the top/bottom fields.

Next, make sure that the contract is filled in correctly and then scroll to the bottom of the document to add the signature information of the parties.

Step 2: Send for signature

When the contract has been filled in and is ready for the first party to sign, you simply scroll to the end of the contract and click "Send for signature". After clicking the button you will be faced with a final option before the first signing party receives the contract - do you want to have permission to view the contract after signing?

If you choose YES, the contract will be stored on your "Contracts" list and it will be visible to other parties that you have permission to view the contract.

If you choose NO, the contract will not be stored on your profile to view after all parties have signed it. Furthermore, after the contract has been signed, only signing parties will be able to view the contract.

HINT: Other parties will be able to see that you prepared the contract even though you did not sign nor choose to store it on your profile.

Example use case: Your CEO has to send and sign a contract, eg: a cooperation agreement, but does not have the time to do the practical work and asks you to prepare it. You would then fill in all information to the draft and choose the option "Only others", while having your CEO's information as the first Part, and the other parties as second, third etc. When the draft has been finalized you would click "Send for signature", which would send the contract to be signed by your CEO, and thereafter other parties.


"Me and others" is the default option as it has always been. This option is to be used when you are the first signing party of the contract and need others to sign as well.

  1. Start by filling in your own information if it is not already there.
  2. Fill in other parties/recipients information in the other fields.
  3. When the contract is ready to be sent, scroll to the bottom and press "Sign". The contract will then be sent to the next signing party/recipient, in the order, you have chosen (in case the contract holds multiple recipients).


This is an option if you are the only signing party of the contract. Make sure to insert your information in the first fields and remove other parties from the contract.

  1. Start by filling in your own information.
  2. Remove other parties from the draft
  3. When the draft is ready to be signed, scroll to the bottom and press "Sign".
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