Your Head of HR and CEO both need to have their signatures under a new employee's employment agreement? There's more than one person from your customer's side who need to sign the Sales & Purchase agreement?
You name it - there are many cases where more than one person from the same company needs to sign under the same contract. 

The best practice when sending out a contract with multiple signees from the same party:

For this example, the contract will be between two companies, where four people in total need to sign, two people from both companies.

Step 1: Open or create the contract draft you're going to sign and send.

Step 2: Fill in the details for the both companies 

Note: You need to add details for both companies only once, you'll be able to add more signees under each company at the bottom

Step 3:
Scroll to the bottom of the contract draft and use the Add Signee button to create four fields in total for all signees.

Step 4: Fill in the details for each person who's signing the contract and choose from the dropdown menu which company they belong to.

Note: In this example there are two people from Contractbook and two from Example Company

And that's it - now you're ready to send out the contract to all four people in those two companies! 🚀

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