Team Guests could be for example external lawyers or investors who you need to give access to specific contracts for limited time in your team. As an admin, you limit whose contracts guests get to see. On the other hand, unlike with your Team Members, you don't have access to their contracts as they might be part of another team.

Adding Team Guests

1. Go to Team tab and press Add new and choose Add team guest.

2. Enter name and email of the new guest.

3. Add additional team guests in one go by using the button Add a guest.

4. Once all guests have been listed, press Send an invitation

All new guests will receive an email with a link allowing them to join the team. You can revoke or resend their invitation by clicking on the Settings icon and choosing between the options. 

5. You can easily distinguish Team Guests by looking at the Guest label:

Removing Team Guests

By removing a Team Guest, you also remove them from your payment plan and their access to your chosen contracts is stopped.
You can do that under the Team tab by clicking on the Setting icon behind the Team Guest's name and click Remove from the team.

If you need to invite the same guest again, just go through the process of adding a Team Guest again.

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