Quite a few of you have asked for the possibility of creating and saving your dearest contacts in the system so that you do not have to enter the contact details of a party into a contract each time, if you set up agreements with the same person, often. In other words, we are happy to be able to present you to our new contact list.

How does it work?

Click on your name in the top right corner in the navigation bar and you will find “Contact List” in the little unfolded menu. 

Click it, and you will be directed to a streamlined and manageable list of your contacts.

Add contact to list

You can create contacts (including details such as name, address and titel), edit them when required, and delete them when they are no longer necessary. Furthermore, you can separate company contacts and private contacts in order to easily manage a growing list of contacts.

Insert a contact in a contract

When you are creating a contract and want to add one of your contacts as counterpart in the contract, you can either click on the little contact list icon in the contact information field or you can start entering their name/company name. Thereafter it will suggest the contacts for you. Click on your contact and the person's information will be filled in automatically. 

Hint: All of your recipients will be automatically saved as contacts when you send a contract. You can edit or delete these later in the contact list, if needed.

Why use a contact list? 

If you send several contracts to the same recipient it is probably an advantage to add the person to your contacts list. In this way, you do not have to enter their information each time you set up a contract with that person.

It could be useful if you have agreed on a framework agreement with another company and afterwards make simple sales agreements each time they place an order. It could also be clever and efficient if you hire a consultant and both have to agree on a consultants agreement, an NDA an a declaration of consent. In that case you would not have to enter the consultant's details multiple times - just once.

All in all we hope that this new feature will make your contract management even more streamlined, straightforward and efficient.

Do not hesitate to let us know if you want any specific features. We are always listening to your feedback and before you know it, your dreams may come to true 🚀 (That is, of course, if you dream of contract management as much as we do... which is a lot 😉)

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