So you have sent your first contract and are wondering what you do now? There's simply just one answer... "Have patience young padawan" - Yoda

Monitor status of the contract

Your contract has been sent and the recipient will now receive an email with a link to review and sign the contract. In the meantime you are able to monitor the status of the contract by navigating to the "Contracts" section.

By looking through the contracts-list, you will quickly find that you have a great overview of all of your contracts and their status. The status is displayed on the right side, and you are even able to see if the recipient has seen the contract.
When you have sent your contract, it will look like this on your documents-list:

Learn more about monitoring status of contracts.

How does the recipient sign the contract?

It's quite simple! The recipient of your contract will receive an email with a link, which leads the recipient to our platform to review and sign the contract.

To sign the contract, the recipient has to create their own password + fill in their phone number. When the recipient clicks "sign", they will receive a text with a signing-code, which they have to fill in and then the contract is signed!

You can learn way more and watch a brief video of the signing process in this article: How do i sign a contract?

If no action has been taken we will send an email and remind the recipient that they need to take action. They receive an email-notification after 2, 5, and 10 days.

You can also assign a task for yourself to check up on a specific contract by clicking on the small note icon in the contracts list. Read more here.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out in the chat!

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