You have started working on the platform, everything is a bit new and you're wondering "what is the major difference on a draft and a template?" - I will tell you! 😊


Templates are reusable documents used for creating contracts. The purpose of a template is to make your workflow more efficient and to avoid any misunderstandings when you are working with your legal documents. A template may have so-called “editable fields” which are supposed to be filled in with appropriate values when you prepare a new contract.

A template can be sent/used over and over again without it disappearing from your "Templates" section. This is essential for users who needs to send out a specific contract more than once, eg: employment contract, consultant agreement, etc.

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Drafts are contracts in the making. You can create a draft from scratch or pick a template as your starting point. All contracts created in Contractbook will be a draft at some point in the process. Drafts are also made for collaboration as they can be shared and send to others.

Share a draft and collaborate with a teammate or recipient.
In drafts, you also have the option to share your contract before sending it out for signature. When sharing a draft you can manage what the recipient can do with the draft, eg: "Can read whole content", "Fill out fields", or "Can edit whole content".

This means that you are able to collect information from a recipient before sending out the final contract, to get personal data like Address, National ID, etc.

This also means that you can share your work with a colleague and have them review the content before putting your signature on it and sending.

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