You have created a lot of awesome templates, and you would like to share them with your teammates for them to use, but how? 

There's two ways you can do it, one is to directly send a template to a team member, the other is to share a draft and the recipient then saves that as a template on their profile.

1. Send template directly to team member

Step 1: Choose the template you want to send

Go to the drafts and templates section and locate the template that you want to send. Then click the three dots and choose "Send template".

Step 2: Insert details of the recipient and send the template

Insert the email or multiple emails of the recipient(s) and write a small message.

The recipient will get an email notification that he received a template from you and will be able to locate this template in their "Drafts and templates" section.

2. Save template from a shared draft

Step 1: Create a draft from the desired template

In your template list, hoover the mouse over the template you want to share and click "Create draft". 

Step 2: Open and share draft

When the template is saved as a draft you can select to "share" draft from the menu.

Insert the email(s) of the teammate(s) you would like to share the draft with.
The permissions doesn't matter - they can be set to anything.

Step 3: Teammate opens draft and saves it as new template

Your teammate now needs to open the draft you just shared and click on the option in the upper right side "Save as a new template".

When your teammate has clicked "Save as a new template" it will be located on the "Templates" page.

And VOILÁ! Your teammate should now have the template that you made, on his profile. If changes are needed, simply press "Edit Template" and make the desired changes.

ENJOY this little hack! We surely hope it will make collaborating easier for you! :-)

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