Good to see that you are ready and eager to send a contract! Below I've explained a couple of the options you have, and the best practises when sending a contract.

Customize a predefined template
You have the option to utilize our free-to-use predefined Contractbook-templates and make changes to those, if needed. You can view our predefined templates here!

Learn more about how to customize a predefined template.

Use your own template
You can create your own contract template by going to the "Templates" section. Either choose a template from the section or press "Create new document" and choose "Create new template".

By creating your own template you can completely customize the content from the beginning. If this is the best option for you, check out this article on how to create a template.

Sign and send a PDF-document
If you already have a document that just need to be signed, this option is for you!
When uploading a PDF-doc you just have to make sure that it is specific to the recipient OR generic since you have the personal detail field which is filled out by you, before signing and sending the contract.

Learn more about how to Sign and send a PDF-document.

Table of content

  1. Getting started
  2. Edit and resend
  3. Signing and sending a contract
  4. The good contract


1. Getting started

1. Log in to your Contractbook account and go to the template section.

2. Click on "Create new document" to create new contract from a template from scratch or choose the template you want to send and press 'Create draft' button.

Note: All contracts created in Contractbook will be a draft at some point in the process.

3. Insert your company logo

4. Fill in all the contact information

Hint 1: You need to add each company as a party only once, even if signatures from multiple people are needed from the same company (explained below in the Signatures section)

Hint 2:
If your information is not already there on the left side, I recommend that you follow this guide to fill in your profile settings. By doing that, your information will be set as standard which, in the long run, saves you a lot of time when sending contracts. 

5. Now you need to fill in all the editable fields in the contract (Fill in mode).

Like this:

Hint 1: Using tab will move you to the next editable field. For a familiar contract, this might be more efficient than scrolling the fields manually.

Hint 2: If you need to edit something that is not in an editable field, you can switch to "Edit mode" in the bottom bar which enables you to edit everything in the contract.

6. Once all the editable fields are edited;
it is time to input final information about the recipient(s) in the signature box. Make sure that the email is correct since this is where the recipient receives the contract link once it is sent.

Hint: You can add as many signees as needed and connect each signee individually to the right party from the 'On behalf of' dropdown menu. 

7. If needed attach any appendixes, terms of service etc. to the draft

 8. Finally insert an email message for the recipient, choose signature type and Sign.

Note: As soon as you've signed the contract it will be sent out to the next recipient. If there are more people who will need to sign the contract, they will receive the contract in the order that you've chosen (so the 3rd recipient won't get the contract before the 2nd one has signed it).


2. Signing and sending a contract

We've added an extra step of security by adding an SMS-verification when you send a contract. This means that once you press "Sign" a code will be sent by text to you phone number. This code has to be inserted into the verification field and when confirmed, the contract is signed.

Once everything is in order, just lean back and wait for the recipient to sign. If your recipient needs some help, you can send them the following article: Signing a received contract


3. Edit and resend

If you notice any mistakes in the contract you have just sent, you can go to your document list (as long as your contract is pending), choose Edit And Resend from the menu of the contract. This will allow you to make the required changes and Send&Sign again.

Note: Until the contract is pending you can also entirely delete the contract - in that case the recipient(s) won't be able to access or sign that contract. 

Note 1: In case the contract is sent out for "Only others" the right to edit and resend goes to the person who is actually starting the signing process by being the first signee (not the creator of the contract).


4. The good contract

What is a good contract? How do you make sure to stay inside the legal boundaries of the law? Here's a short excerpt 

A good contract;

  • Includes at least one promise and commits the parties to comply with it.
  • Is clearly formulated: Use short and active sentences and do not write anything with small and avoid footnotes.
  • Describes only one rule per sentence. 
  • Is clearly set up with clearly divided sections including headings. 
  • Considers the essentials. That means those you expect to realize and those who will be fatal if they realize.

If you would like to read more in detail what we define as a good contract you can get your hands on our e-book "The good contract" below.

(Only available in Danish)

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