If you are considering moving all of your contract management to a digital space, and are in need of a tool to manage it all, you've definitely come to the right place! Here's some of the main perks of using our platform.

Efficient workflow

Working on Contractbook you will experience how taking your contracts online and digital, you cut down on many time consuming processes of handling paper documents. Amongst many other things, you can:

  • Create templates
  • Send drafts
  • Work in teams
  • Sign contracts on the go
  • Status on contracts: "Seen", "Changes requested", "Signed", etc.
  • Store all contracts on our servers and access them at any point
  • No need for printing anymore!

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Time to signature

Handling contracts and agreements the old-school way, sometimes the process of collecting all signatures can take weeks.

On Contractbook 58% of all sent contracts are signed within 2 days!

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Easy team management

Building a team can help create transparency throughout your organization. If you have more than one person regularly accessing or sending contracts, setting up a team is worth your consideration.

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Monitor contract status, etc

You can see all your sent, received, and uploaded contracts on your documents list. To further give you the best way of monitoring a contracts status, you can also keep track of exactly when a contract has been viewed and signed by the recipient.

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Minimize paper waste!

By using Contractbook you are greatly contributing towards our vision of minimizing paper waste and doing our part towards saving the environment from a lot of unnecessary pollution - THANK YOU 🙏🏼

Help Center collections

If you further want to explore the opportunities of online contract management, then take a look around our "Help Center" and discover more about our awesome platform:

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