For peace of mind and staying true to our word of keeping all your contracts in one place, we have added the feature to allow you to upload your documents to our storage. You can even mark them as signed and set the date of signature.

Here's how:

Step 1: Import Documents

Go to your "Documents" page and find the button that says "Upload documents to storage". 

When you have clicked the button a new tab will open and ask you to "Choose files". Click it and go to locate the documents that you wish to store on our platform. You can upload one or multiple at a time.

Step 2: Review and fill out the fields

Now you can review the settings for your uploaded document(s) and:

  • Name the document
  • Set the signature date
  • Add contract parties
  • Mark them signed
  • Add tags, if relevant¬†

fHINT: When you have saved your documents they can be located in the order of date on your documents page!

Remember that you can organize your documents with tags and filters. 

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