We have now added the possibility to easily duplicate you most used drafts – here's how:

Option one

Step 1: Go to your "Drafts" section

On the drafts section you can find all your drafts you've made. 

Step 2: Duplicate away!

When you have made a draft, simply click on the "settings icon" in the upper right corner and a small menu will unfold. From here you can easily duplicate the draft as seen on below image. 

Duplicate as many drafts as you want!

Option two

Step 1: Click and open an existing draft

From your "Drafts" site you can click and open an existing draft to make your edits or fill in information.

Step 2: Duplicate away!

Inside the draft you also have the opportunity to quickly "Save as a new draft" which creates a new duplicate of the current open draft.

Yes, it's that simple!

We hope this will help to optimize your workflow going forward :-)

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