Two great examples that can be solved by sharing a draft:

  1. Collect information from your recipient(s): Sharing a draft can save you time by having your recipient insert his or hers requested information into the contract. 
  2. Get feedback on the contract: Do you need your lawyer or colleague to look at the contract before sending? Share the draft with them so they can make a few edits or just approve it before you are sending it. 

Step 1: Create a draft

Create a new draft for a contract by choosing a template (or create one from scratch)

Step 2: Share draft

When the draft is created you can select "Share" from the menu bar inside the draft.

Insert the email(s) of the people you would like to share the draft with and choose their permissions, you have three options.

  1. The collaborator(s) can edit all editable fields of the contract
  2. The collaborator(s) can edit the whole content of the contract
  3. The collaborator(s) can only read the content of the contract

Finish sharing the draft by clicking the Share a draft button. You'll see that the draft is shared also in your drafts list:

Once the draft is shared the recipients will receive an email notification and the draft will appear among their drafts. Once they have made and saved their changes you can remove them as collaborators by clicking the "Share" button inside the draft again and removing the contact or just send and sign the draft making it disappear from both your draft sections.

Step 3: Comment on a draft 

To make your collaboration even easier you can use the comment feature. By clicking on “Comment mode” at the bottom of the page/banner you can add comments to your document.

To make a comment highlight the area where you want to insert a comment and a dialogue box will appear where you can write. 

To keep a track on the comments activity you can always see the active comments and resolved once. 

Your collaborators will be able to see the comments, write or resolve a comment. Whenever someone have made a comment in a draft that you've shared, you'll get a notification both in-app and on email. The same goes for the people you're collaborating with.

Note: The comment feature is available only for Standard+, Business, Enterprise and Suits plans. Your collaborators don’t have a paying plan? No worries. They will still be able to use the comment feature, but only to the specific document you shared with them.

Hint: Remember that only the person who is sharing the draft can sign and send it. If you need to be the sender, then scroll down to the bottom of the shared draft and save it as a new template to your profile. When you have done that, then you can open your new template and send it with your own signature!

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask us in the chat at the bottom-right corner :-)

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