We are aware that some of our clients might be interested in using Contractbook as a tool to effectively collect a signature on a PDF document. To make this possible we have added an option directly under "Create new documents" button.

To sign and send PDF's directly Contractbook follow the steps below:

Step 1: Add recipients information & subject

Add the contact information of your recipient, choose Company if your recipient is representing a company, choose Private person if you are signing a contract with a private person.

Step 2: Attach Document

Now attach the document you want your client to sign, using the button below the signature boxes. 

Maximum file size is 100 MB, and we support these file types:

  • .pdf, 
  • .jpg 
  • .png
  • .doc
  • .docx

Step 3: Sign and send

Finally you can edit the subject or add a message that will be shown in the recipients email. When ready press sign, and wait for the recipient to sign the document. You can follow the process as usual on the "Contracts" page.

We always recommend that our users create their templates as Contractbook templates to be able to reuse and edit them later on. In most cases it is simple and easy to create your template.
You can follow this guide to do it your self: Create templates

If you need help getting all setup check this article: On-boarding

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