To customize one of our predefined templates and save it as your own: Click into your chosen Template and when inside, you press "Save as a new template" in the top menu bar.

This enables the function where you can make all the changes to the content of the template. If you have any questions on how to change certain text and content, it should be covered in this detailed guide about our editor: Create Template

Once you have finished editing the content, use the buttons on the top bar and choose between:

  • Save changes; your template will be saved with your edits and ready to use for future contracts under "Your templates"
  • Save as a new draft; if you're ready to send it for signature, continue with signing process in the draft mode
  • Send template; if you'd like to share the template with your edits with your team members
  • Save as a new template; if you'd like to save another copy with your edits

Now that you have edited the content of our predefined template, remember to Save changes and your template will be saved with your edits and ready to use for creating future contracts under "Your templates". 

The predefined templates under "Contractbook templates" section will always remain with their original content and can be saved as your templates or converted directly into a draft to send a contract.

For further exploration of drafts, have a look at the Drafts and templates section.

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