As part of optimizing the new workflow we are merging drafts and contracts under "Documents". Now there is the ability to have drafts and contracts inside one folder.

In the new "Documents" section you can see all your drafts, sent, received, and uploaded contracts and sort through the list by using the new advanced filters explained further below.

When you come to review the contracts status you will hopefully only see the green "Signed" graphic, but sometimes it happens that changes are requested or someone refuses to sign. Here's how it looks:




Requested Changes

The whole purpose is to give you the best possible way to have an easy overview of all of your contracts, so that you quickly can take action.

Filters & categories

Filters and categories can help locating specific documents based on their type (Sent / Received / Uploaded)  or status (Pending / Signed / Rejected / Changes requested). 

Combining these filters makes it easy to locate relevant documents in some cases:

  • Enabling the Sent and Pending filters allow you to locate all sent yet unsigned contracts which makes it easier to reach out to your recipients and ask them to sign.
  • Enabling the Received and Pending filters allow you to locate all received contracts without your signature.


To avoid too many folders within folders within folders, use the tagging system to sort documents on the document list and in your Folders. Add new tags to the individual documents as it can be seen here:

You will see a new tags option on the Filters panel where you can see and search among all your tags.

The tagging function makes it easier to structure documents. Adding multiple tags to a document allows you to filter by two tags and only documents with both tags will be shown.

Examples of tags best practices:

  • Quarters: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4
  • Year: 2017, 2018
  • Month: January, February, March
  • Type: HR, Sale, Administration etc.

Team specific filters

If you are part of a team, an additional Folder with filters will be available. These filters allow you to see contracts of other team members (if your team owner has given you access).

Filtering with a specific date range

We are introducing a new advanced filtering option with the ability to search for contracts signed within a specific date range. In this way you can easily find the contracts from a specific period of time.

Upload documents

Since Contractbook is an overall tool for contract management, we make it possible for you to upload all your old documents to the platform. Press the Import documents-button and choose the files you would like to add.

Hint: It is possible to upload one document or multiple documents simultaneously, but you can also drag and drop documents.

You can edit the documents details while the documents are imported. Press Save when you are done, and the document will now be stored with your contracts on the documents list. 

Hint: The document is stored according to the date you have provided for the document.

We hope you feel safe using our filters and groups to navigate your documents.

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