Drafts are contracts in the making. You can create a draft from scratch or pick a template as your starting point. All contracts created in Contractbook will be a draft at some point in the process. Drafts are also made for collaboration as they can be shared and send to others. 

You can also use drafts to reproduce a previously sent contract.

All your drafts are stored under Drafts section:

You can create a new contract draft by clicking on the "Create new document" button and choosing "Create new contract"

You can then choose between creating a new draft from scratch or choose one of the templates as a starting point for your new contract draft.

Your document will stay as a draft until you are ready to sign it and turn it into a contract by clicking on the "Sign" button at the bottom of the page and follow the signature process.

Read more about our signature process.

Use old contract again

If you want to use one of your old contracts again, find it on your documents list and open it.

Once you have entered the contract, you'll find Save as a new draft -button on the top bar:

The draft can be accessed anytime from the Drafts tab in your navigation. 

If you need to send out a contract multiple times, to various recipients, then you have the feature to duplicate a draft. Duplicating a draft creates another copy of your current draft and can save you some time. Learn more about how to duplicate a draft.

Create the draft as a template, if you keep using the same draft several times. Learn how to create templates by reading: Create a Template.

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