Team Members are most likely your colleagues who send out contracts out on behalf of your company. 

Adding members

1. Go to Team and press Add new and choose Add team member

2. Enter name and email of the new member.

3. Add additional team members in one go by using the button Add a member.

4. Once all members have been listed, press Send an invitation

All new members will receive an email with a link allowing them to join the team. You can revoke or resend their invitation by clicking on the Settings icon and choosing between the options. 

5. You can easily distinguish Team Members by looking at the Member labels:

Deactivating / Reactivating Team Members

When deactivating team members, you remove them from your payment plan and their accounts becomes locked. You will, however, still be able to view all contracts sent from their account and add them when managing access levels. Deactivated members can always be reactivated if necessary.


  1. To deactivate a team member, go to the team tab.

2. Find the member and press Deactivate member under the Settings icon.

3. Now the account will be inaccessible.

To view the contracts of the deactivated member, go to Contracts tab and make a tick for the deactivated member:


You'll find the list of Deactivated members at the bottom of the Team page. Find the member you would like to reactivate and click on the Settings icon and press Activate account.

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