Building a team can help create transparency throughout your organization. If you have more than one person regularly accessing or sending contracts, setting up a team is worth your consideration.

To build a team, you need to go through three short steps. 

  • Create the team.
  • Add members to the team.
  • Manage access level of your members.


Creating the team

  1. Go to the team section through the main navigation.

2. press Create a Team.

Note: If you cannot press Create a team, you are probably already part of a team. Contact your team administrator if you need to access someone else's contracts or invite a new member. Otherwise, contact our support.

3. Add a team name and press Save.

4. Add a global company logo.

Note: The global logo will be the default logo in all your team contracts unless the contract template specifies another logo.

Next step

Start growing your team by adding the right type of members - you can choose between adding Team Members and Team Guests. What's the difference?

Team Members are most likely your colleagues who send out contracts out on behalf of your company. Invited team member can only belong to the specific invited team and will lose access to their account once deactivated (eg. in case of leaving the company). As an admin, you'll be able to see all your team members' contracts.

Team Guests could be for example external lawyers or investors who need access to specific contracts for limited time in your team but besides they might also have their own team in Contractbook. As an admin you control their belonging and access to the team but have no control over deactivating their account, just removing from your team. Also, you won't have access to your Guests' contracts.

To finish building your team, go through the following articles:

Adding and deactivating team members
Adding and Removing Team Guests
Managing access level of your members

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