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What is the team documents folder and how does it work?

What is the team documents folder and how does it work?

Tarek Slimani
Written by
Tarek Slimani
November 3, 2020

Get a convenient overview of all your team members' documents!

In the team documents folder, we provide you with an overview of all your team member's documents, so you can keep updated on where your business is heading!

Please be aware that the team folders are only accessible to team owners, team admins, and those team members who have been granted access to see other team members' document.

Navigating in the team folder

1. Under your Contracts tab, you will find your team folder under the folders menu on the left side of the screen.
2. To see your team's documents, click on the team folder and then on your team's name.

You will now see all your team members documents. In the folders menu to the left, you can filter by team member.

3. Just like for your own documents you have filtering options above the documents in the team folders.

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