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The difference between a draft and a template

The difference between a draft and a template

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
August 4, 2021

Not sure what the difference between a draft and a template is on Contractbook? You have come to the right place.


Templates are reusable, meaning they can be used for creating several contracts. The purpose of using templates is to make it easier and faster for you to make contracts as well as minimising the risk of making errors.

A template may have what we call editable fields which are supposed to be filled in with the appropriate data when you prepare a new contract.

Templates are essential for those who need to send out a specific contract more than once be it employment contracts, consultancy agreements, or something else.

We provide our users with a large number of contract templates that are free to use. Some of our plans also allow you to save your own custom templates and share these with your coworkers for easy collaboration throughout your organisation.

Learn more about how to create a template.


Drafts are contracts in the making. All contracts on Contractbook are called drafts till they are sent for signature.

You can create a draft from scratch or pick a template as your starting point.

Some of our plans allow you to share your drafts with others. When sharing a draft you can manage how much of the draft the recipient can edit: Can read the draft, Can fill in fields in the draft, or Can edit the draft.

Sharing a draft is especially useful if you need a lawyer or coworker to approve or edit your draft before you put your signature on it and send it.

You can also use the sharing feature if you want to collect data like address or bank details from a contract recipient directly instead of having them send the data to you.

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