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Version history

Version history

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
August 2, 2021

Version history enables you to view older versions of a draft and detect what changes have been made to it.

In addition to seeing what changes have been made you can also see when the changes were made and by who. We created this feature to enhance collaboration and give you a more transparent and trustful negotiation environment.

How does version history work?

When opening a contract draft, you find the version history to the right of the text in the side menu. It is represented by a clock icon. Just click the clock icon to open the version history menu.

Every time you press save when working on a draft, a new version is created in the version history. You can browse through the different versions to see how the draft evolved. The version history is structured chronologically and shows you when the changes were made and by who.

View a specific former version

You can choose to view a previous version of a contract draft by selecting just that one draft. A draft is selected when it is highlighted in green in the version history menu (see screenshots above where two versions have been selected).

Compare two versions

If you want to compare two different versions of a contract draft you can do so by selecting both versions. Content that was removed will be displayed in red, while added content is highlighted in green. You can compare any two version you want.

Who can see the version history?

If you are the document owner, you decide whether a draft's version history is visible to people the draft is shared with. By default, only the document owner can see the version history. Click Show the version history to others to make it visible to those who have access to the draft.

Please be aware that the version history may contain personal data that should not be shared with others. Also, notice that other collaborators of the document will be able to see that the version history is not visible to them.

Now, you should be ready to start working with the version history, but please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.