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Tobias Rudolf Justesen
August 4, 2021

Contractbook offers a variety of different automations you can use to power up your contracts. Check out this page to get an overview of your opportunities.

Contractbook offers a variety of different automations you can use to power up your contracts. All of these automations replace human recourses with mechanical processes to make you more efficient and to mitigate the risks of human errors. They offer you a chance to step out of the treadmill of tedious manual work, plug in the cable and let us power up your legal work so you can focus on the complicated matters.

Some of these automations are fixed setups designed the most common time-consuming tasks of contract management. Others are based on tailored integrations with the rest of your tech stack and customised automations that developed specifically for your workflow. Below, you will get a quick overview of all our different automations with links to pages that offer more detailed information.  

Template generator

Our free template generator enables you to upload and set up contract templates on the platform. The templates will automatically be transformed into data-rich formats and added to the overview of your templates. Read more here.

Mass contract sending assistant

With our mass contract sending assistant, we will set up an automated solution that enables you to send an unlimited amount of contracts with a very few clicks. Read more here.

The electromagnetic Gmail importer

Our smart “Electromagnetic“ Gmail importer is integrated with your G Suite so you can crawl your email for contracts and have them uploaded to an organised overview on your Contractbook account. In this way, you will have all your legacy contracts stored in one place. Read more here.

Automated data collection

Automate the way you collect data and use it to generate standardised contracts. All you need is a Contractbook account that integrates with Typeform and Zapier, so you can collect data via Typeform questionnaires and auto-generate contracts based on the submitted answers. Read more about the solution here.

Zapier integrations

You can connect Contractbook to thousands of other apps through Zapier to boost the interoperability of your tech stack and create your very own customised automations. Read more about all the things you can do here.

Custom automations

Contractbook has decided to work in a data-rich and machine-friendly format that favours interoperability and makes it easy integrate with other systems. That means you can customise and tailor a wide variety of automations to your specific setup. Reach out to us and let us see how we can help you.

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