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The good contract

The good contract

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
July 1, 2021

What is a good contract? Below, you will find a short explanation and some pointers as to what we think a good contract is.

A good contract

  • Includes at least one promise and commits the parties to comply with it.
  • Is formulated clearly. We recommend you use short and active sentences and do not try to hide anything.
  • Describes only one rule per sentence. 
  • Is set up with clearly divided sections including headings. 
  • Includes the essential parts of the agreement.

Moreover, when you are writing your contract, make sure to have its purpose in mind. 

Legal check

If you would like your contract looked over by a professional, we can assist you by putting you in touch with one of our partner law firms. We are unfortunately not able to provide legal assistance ourselves. To be put in contact with one of our partner law firms send us a message here.

If you would like to read more about how we define a good contract you can download our e-book The good contract here. (Only available in Danish.)