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The differences between a team owner, member, and viewer

The differences between a team owner, member, and viewer

Mathilde Skytt
Written by
Mathilde Skytt
June 15, 2020

A quick summary of the differences between the roles

The different roles you can have on a team have different abilities. Here is a short overview of differences between the roles.

Team owner

The team owner has all the admin rights of the team. Team owners can:

Hint: No team members or viewers can see the team owner's documents without the team owner giving them access.

Team member

  • Is typically a colleague of the team owner
  • Will automatically be on the same plan as the team owner
  • Does not have any admin rights
  • Can only view other team members' documents if granted permission

Team viewer

  • Is typically external e.g. an accountant or lawyer who sometimes need to be able to access documents
  • Does not have any admin rights
  • Will not be put on a plan when added as a team viewer
  • Neither the team owner nor team members can see their documents
  • Can only view team members' documents if given permission
  • Can be a member or owner of another team

Below you can see an example of the overview a team owner has of their team members and viewers.

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