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Tasks for contracts

Tasks for contracts

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
August 4, 2021

Tasks will make your contract management even more straightforward and allow you to keep track of all your important contracts!

Add tasks to your contracts and be reminded of an event of your choice e.g.: when a contract expires or has to be renewed.

How to add a task

You can add tasks to all your documents regardless of their status.

You add tasks to a document either by clicking on the task icon on the document in question under the document tab:

Or by clicking the task icon when viewing a document:

To add a task to a document after clicking the task icon:

1. Click Add task.

3. Insert the title of the task, eg. Renew contract.

4. Optional: add a description.

5. Optional: choose type of task and due date.

6. Optional: add a reminder for a day of your own choosing.

7. Add assignee and followers (followers in addition to the assignee are optional).

8. Lastly click Create a task.

When a task reaches its deadline

If a due date has been added to a task (and this due date is in the future), a notification will be sent to the assignee(s) on the due date, both on the platform and by email.

No due date notifications will be sent to the followers of the task.


You can add reminders for tasks for a date of your own choosing e.g. a week before the due date. As with due date notifications, these reminders are both sent via email and on the platform, and only to the assignee(s).

Tasks for drafts

When creating a draft, you can add a task to the draft before saving it.

NOTE: Tasks on drafts are for internal use, which means that only the assignee(s) will receive a reminder when a deadline is reached. The recipient(s), that you have set on your documents, will not receive any reminders.