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Status page

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
June 21, 2021

Are you experiencing technical issues on our platform? Check our status page to see if we have any outages.

Is something not working as it should? You can check our status page before contacting support to see if we are already aware of the issue.

While we do our utmost to create a safe and failsafe system errors do, unfortunately, occur. As such, we have a status page where you can always see if part of our platform is not working.

You can find the status page here.

The status page is updated every 60 seconds and it shows the statuses of our:

  1. API
    The API connects what you see when you are signed in on to everything that makes our platform work. Issues with the API can e.g. result in error messages, the platform responding very slowly, or the platform not working at all. Issues with the API can also impact integrations via our API or Zapier.
  2. File service
    The service is where everything related to PDF generation, attachments, and uploaded documents happens. If this is not working you will not be able to work with any of the before-mentioned.
  3. Front end
    The front end is what you see when you are signed in on Issues here will likely result in you just seeing a blank page.

If the status page shows that there is an issue we are already aware of it and you do not need to contact support to make us aware of it.

If you are unsure as to whether the issue you are experiencing is related to an outage displayed on the status page or if you have any other question you are always more than welcome to contact us via our chat support.