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Shared templates

Shared templates

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
August 5, 2021

Shared templates allow you to manage templates to the entire team from one profile.

Want to make sure that your whole team is using the same, updated templates? Then shared templates are the right thing for you! Shared templates allow you to manage templates across your team from one profile. 

What are shared templates?

Shared templates are regular contract templates that are available on several accounts but managed by one account. If the person who manages the templates make any changes to them, this will be reflected on all accounts. In this way, you can ensure that your team always uses the most up-to-date template version.

How do shared templates work?

Step 1: Create your templates as you usually do.

Step 2: Contact us and tell us you would like Shared templates. (We need to perform part of the set up for you.)

Step 3: We then create what we call a Category for your templates and assign your templates to it. You can have as many categories and templates as you like.

Step 4: Once we finish adding your Shared templates to their category/categories, the category/categories will appear in the side menu on the Templates tab on your profile. To access the templates you just click on the category name to open the category page.

Step 5: On the Category page you can share the category with those who need access to it. Please be aware that people must have a Contractbook account to view the templates.

Step 6: Once your category has been shared, those you shared it with will be able to view and use the templates.

Hint: If you own a category, it will be displayed with a crown icon next to its name.

How do I get shared templates?

Shared templates are available all paying plans. If you are interested in Shared templates, please get in contact with us via the chat or this form.