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Receiving and signing a contract

Receiving and signing a contract

Viktor Heide
Written by
Viktor Heide
June 10, 2020

See how easy is it to sign a contract on Contractbook as a recipient

Receiving and signing a contract as a recipient

  1. Click the button in the email.
  2. Read the contract through.
  3. When you are ready to sign the contract, fill in your mobile phone number and press Verify to sign.
  4. You will now be sent to another interface and receive a code via SMS.
  5. Type in this code and press Verify & sign.

The contract is now signed!

You can choose to download it as a PDF or stored it on Contractbook. If you choose to store the contract on Contractbook, you will create a free account where you can access the contract at any time. Storing a contract with us as a contract recipient is completely free of charge.

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