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Organise your documents and templates with folders

Organise your documents and templates with folders

Tarek Slimani
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Tarek Slimani
November 3, 2020

Folders provide you with a way to organise all your templates, drafts, and contracts easily and efficiently.

If you have many templates and contracts it could be helpful for you to organise them in folders. Using folders well can not just improve your overview but also your workflow.

How to use folders on Contractbook

  • You can find your folders in the left-hand side of your screen under both the Templates and Documents tabs
  • All our users can make private folders and subfolders
  • You can create, move, rename, and delete all your folders and subfolders yourself
  • Users on some plans and setups will also be able to make shared folders and view team documents on the left-hand menu bar

Here is what the folders menu looks like under Documents (for a bigger set-up):

Move individual documents around like this:

Tip: You can move up to 25 documents at a time like this:

(Adding a document to a shared folder will not move the document but replicate it.)