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OCR: Optical character recognition

OCR: Optical character recognition

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
September 28, 2021

The Contractbook OCR will allow you improve your contract data management with the ability to search for specific key words in your stored PDF-files. In combination with our Full text search feature, you can more easily organise, sort, segment, and track agreements and contracts.

The Contractbook OCR feature (Smart Reader) enables you to improve your data management process and organise your agreements & contracts intelligently, with the ability to search for specific key words and phrases in your stored contracts. The Contractbook Smart Reader also works in collaboration with our Full Text Search engine, which will allow you to interpret, organise, and sort all your agreements and contracts based on a selected set of data points.

To add to this you can upload attachments to your contracts which the Smart Reader will scan and extract important data and text from those documents.

1. OCR: How does it work?

The Contractbook OCR, or Smart Reader, means that once a document is uploaded, or is being uploaded, to your account, it will automatically scan the document. On average it takes around 30 seconds for the system to process a document, depending on the amount of pages.

When the Smart Reader is scanning the document you can check the Document OCR status under the "info"-tab where it will read either "In progress" or "Completed". If it is being processed, a banner will also be shown in the top telling that the document is being converted.

2. Smart Reader & Full text search

The Contractbook Smart Reader is directly tied up with the search bar in your document overview. Basically, what it does is that it scans all documents that are being uploaded for storage, whether it is Contractbook originals or documents of external origin, to enable you to search for key words, phrases, names, etc. in the body of the documents.

As you can see above, the Smart Reader also accepts handwritten notes 😉

Once the text of the document has been extracted, you can use the native search engine to identify documents based specialised data inputs.

3. Why use the Smart Reader?

Flexibility is key here. You can now use documents that are created outside of Contractbook, inside. This is important because maybe you have supporting documentation to add to a contract, so rather than send that document separately by needing to go outside of the solution, you can now stay within and further streamline your process.

Maybe you also have contracts created before you joined Contractbook. In this case you can also upload these and ensure you have them converted to a dynamic format. This again ensures that you can save all of your documents in a safe and organised place.

The flexibility of the search engine even allows for misspellings, which means that you, to some extent, can search for phrases or words that are out of order, skipped, or even misspelled, and still find what you are looking for.

In addition, the Contractbook Smart Reader does not discriminate language because the document text is simple "scripted", which means that whether your document is in English, Spanish, French, or what other language you might use, you can use the search engine to identify key words and phrases if the Smart Reader finds it readable.

Remember that when you have your search process nailed, you can also organise your documents with the use of tags and filters.