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Learn how to create your own folder system

Learn how to create your own folder system

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
August 4, 2021

Learn how to create, delete, rename, and move folders

You can organise all your documents and templates in folders to create a better overview.

The Contractbook folder structure works the same way, both under the Templates and Documents tabs. Under both tabs, you have a main folder that can't be edited or deleted. You can create your own folders hierarchy under those pre-set folders.

1. Create folders

Click on the menu next to the main folder and choose New Subfolder.

Note: The screenshots shown here are from the Documents tab. The steps for creating folders under the Templates tab are the same.

Name your new subfolder and click the checkmark button.

Your new folder has now been created.

By following the above steps you can also create subfolders.

2. Delete folders

To delete a folder, click on the menu next to the folder you wish to delete and choose Delete.

NOTE: To make sure that you never lose any of your documents, it is only possible to delete empty folders. 

3. Rename folders

You can easily rename your folders by choosing Rename in the menu next to each folder.

4. Move folders

Lastly you can move folders. You do so by choosing Move to... in the menu.

Now you can choose where you want to move your folder to. After choosing, press Confirm to move the folder.

NOTE: The names of the pre-set folders (Templates and My documents) cannot be changed.