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How to share your documents

How to share your documents

Mathilde Skytt
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Mathilde Skytt
September 28, 2020

Get feedback before signing a contract or share your signed and stored contracts - even with people who don't have a Contractbook account.

These are the three major benefits of direct document sharing:

  1. Allow contract recipients to fill in editable fields themselves: There's no need to gather tons of information from contract recipients anymore! Simply share a contract draft with the recipient before you send it for signature to allow them to fill in editable fields themselves.
  2. Get your contract reviewed before signing: Do you need your lawyer or colleague to review a contract before you sign it? Just share the draft with them.
  3. Give access to specific signed or stored contracts: Share specific signed and stored contracts with any relevant party.

If you prefer a video guide just press play below otherwise keep scrolling for a simple written guide:

How to share documents

Step 1: Open the document you want to share and click Share. It can be any type of document.

Step 2: Add the email addresses of the people you want to share the document with and press Share. You can add a message too if you like.

For drafts you can also choose editing permission for each individual recipient.

That was it! The document has now been shared. The person/people you shared the document with will now receive an email with your message and a link to the document.

Who is a document shared with? 

You can see who a document is shared with in two places:

1. In the document lists next to the document title

2. By opening the document and looking at the top bar

Revoke access 

If you want to stop sharing a document just open the document and press  Share again. Now you will be able to remove the email(s) of the person/people you want to stop sharing the document with.

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