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How to get a data processing agreement (DPA) from us

How to get a data processing agreement (DPA) from us

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
August 2, 2021

We have built a form where you can request a DPA and receive it automatically. Fill in the form, receive a DPA, read it, sign it, store it.

As you probably are aware, we are all in for automated and digital contract management. Managing DPAs is not an exception! As such, we have created an easy, automatic form which only takes a few minutes to go through.

Just follow the steps explained below and you will have one less thing to worry about: 

  1. Press the link under this list.
  2. Fill in the form with the name of the signer, email, phone no., job title, company name, and company address. Choose your preferred language. 
  3. You will now receive an email with a link to the DPA.
  4. Read and sign it as you would normally sign a contract on Contractbook. (You can read more about how to sign a contract here.)

That's it! The DPA has now been signed

Fill in the form and receive the DPA