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How to delete your Contractbook account

How to delete your Contractbook account

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
July 29, 2021

We would, of course, prefer you to stay but if you want to delete your account, this is how you do it.

If a situation should occur where you no longer have a need for your Contractbook account, you are able to close your account fairly easily. However, there are a few things that are relevant to understand before you can do so.

1. Do you have any signed documents on your account?

Due to security policies accounts with fully signed contracts cannot be deleted, since it would involve deleting said signed contracts which is not allowed. However, as an alternative, the account can be archived, which means that the it will not be accessible but the contracts will remain for compliance.
With an archived account, you will also at any time be able to have the account reactivated, if that should become relevant.

2. Are the owner of the team?

Only team owners can archive accounts. Therefore, if you are only a member of a team you will have to request the archivation/deletion with the owner of the team you are a part of.

How to delete your account

1. Deleting your account without signed documents

If you have no signed documents on your account, and you are not a member of any team, you can just go ahead and delete your account directly under your "Profile settings" in a matter of just <30 seconds.

NOTE: Your account will be deactivated as soon as you click "Delete my account", however, you will still have 10 days to revoke your decision. You revoke your decision by simply reaching out to our support team via the chat function on our website.

2. Archiving your account with signed documents

As mentioned above, you cannot delete your account fully. Instead you can archive it so it no one can access it, however, your signed documents will remain stored. Contrary to a deletion where you can only revoke your request withint the first 10 days of request, you can reactivate your archived account at any time.

3. Archiving/Deleting a team member's account

As mentioned earlier, if an account set for achivation or deletion is member of a team member, only the team owner can do so. Archivation/Deletion of a member's account is done on the Team page.

Questions and feedback

If you have any questions for any of the above or the account deletion process, please reach out to us in the support chat. You can find this on all Contractbook pages at the bottom right-hand corner.

Any feedback on why you want to delete your account is very highly valued. If you would like to provide some feedback for why you do not wish to keep your account with us, please reach out to us in the support chat.