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Customise your signature process

Customise your signature process

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
November 9, 2021

Learn how to customise your signature process to match your specific needs

There are several different possibilities for how to sign your contract on Contractbook. This article will give you an overview of the different settings.

Who is signing the contract?

The first setting related to the signature process is found at the top of your contract draft. Are you signing the contract with others, are you just signing it yourself, or are you creating a contract for other people? Read more here about the different options.

Signing order

Unless only one person is signing the contract, you can choose between having a set signing order and allowing everyone to sign at the same time.

Specific signing order: If Should signees sign in a specific order? is toggled on i.e. green, the signees (including yourself) will sign in the order they appear in the signature field. You can change the order in the drop down menus highlighted below.

If there are more than one recipient, they will receive the contract one at a time. I.e. the third recipient will not get the contract before the second recipient has signed etc.

No signing order: If Should signees sign in a specific order? is toggled off i.e. grey, every signee will receive a link to the contract at the same time. If you turn specific signing order off, you can choose to sign first by clicking Send and sign or sign later by clicking Send now and sign later.

Signature type

Lastly, you can choose what type of signature you want to use.

We offer a simple digital signature, Sign with a click, for convenience and several different types of advanced digital signatures. You can read more about the validity of digital signatures here. We have chosen that the default signature type is SMS Verification. This is an advanced signature type.

List of available signature methods:

  • SMS verification
  • Sign with a click
  • NemID Private (DK)
  • NemID employee certificate - key file (DK)
  • BankID (NO)
  • BankID on mobile (NO)
  • BankID on same device (SE)
  • BankID on other mobile device (SE)
  • BankID (FI)
  • Draw a signature

Multiple signature types

You can also choose to have multiple signature types, which can be helpful if you are making international agreements and contracts. That way, if you are based out of Denmark you can use NemID, but if the other party is Finish, you can add Finish BankID for them.

ONLY you as the sender can dictate the signature methods.

Signing the document

After you choose your signing method and clicking send & sign you will be asked to confirm the signature by "long-pressing" the confirmation button.

Should you have any questions for this article or need an answer you can't find in the help centre, please reach out to us in the chat.