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Customise predefined templates

Customise predefined templates

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
August 4, 2021

This short article will show you how to customise our predefined templates and save them as your own.

You cannot change the content or setup of the predefined templates found in the Contractbook templates section. You can, however, save those you use as your own templates (if you are on a paying plan) and edit these.

To customise a Contractbook template open your chosen template, click on the three small dots in the top right-hand corner, and press Save as a new template.

Now you have saved the templates as your own which means you can edit it as you like. If you are not sure how to use our editor please have a look at this detailed guide.

Once you have finished editing the content, use the buttons on the top bar and choose between:

1. Save changesIf you click here your new template will be saved under Your templates.

2. Options under the three dots:

  • Save as a new template. This will save the template as a copy with your edits.
  • Save as a new draft. This will not save the changes you have made on your template but create a draft based on them which you can then send for signature.
  • Send template. If you want to share the template with your edits with your team members. Remember to press Save changes first otherwise you will just share the original predefined template.

Please be aware that if you are on a free plan you cannot save your own templates. You can, however, create a draft from a template and edit this. You do so by clicking Save as a new draft.

We hope that you found this information helpful.

If you ever should encounter difficulties using our platform, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our support chat so we can help you get going.