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Contractbook and Typeform integration

Contractbook and Typeform integration

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
August 2, 2021

If you often handle standardised contracts, this is just the thing for you!

An integration between Contractbook and Typeform allows you to automatically generate, sign, and send contracts. This means that you can potentially free up a lot of time spent on manually handling contacts.

This integration works for any kind of contract that is completely similar every time you send it out. Two typical examples are DPAs and photo consent forms.

This integration works by linking a questionnaire in Typeform to Contractbook via Zapier. Your contract recipients fill out the questionnaire after which a contract is automatically generated, signed on your behalf, and sent to them via an encrypted email. The end-users can then simply access the contract from the link in their email, read the contract, and sign.

You can use our Zapier template by clicking "Use this Zap" below and save yourself the trouble of setting it up, or you can set the whole thing up yourself by following the guide further down. Regardless, you have to have your contract template and Typeform questionnaire ready before you start linking them up.

Here's what you need to get started:

- Contractbook account

- Zapier account (free)

- Typeform account (free)

How to set up your integration with Typeform

To set up an integration that allows Contractbook to automatically generate and send contracts you need a contract template and a matching Typeform questionnaire. All you need to do then is connect them.  

  1. First step is creating a template that will be used for the contracts you want to send out through this integration. The template must have editable fields for all variable information. This could be e.g. phone number or account information. You do not need to make editable fields in the template for name and email address or any other information that appears in the parties and signature fields. If you are unsure about how you create a contract template you can learn how to do so here.
  2. Create a free Typeform account if you don't already have one. Now create a new questionnaire from scratch. Make sure to ask for at least the recipients' names and email addresses as you need these to send the contract. In addition to name and email address you must also ask a question for every editable field in the template as it is through this questionnaire you acquire the information you need in your contract.
  3. Publish your Typeform and test it to make sure it works as intended and to create real data - this will help you in step 8.
  4. Now it is time to link the Contractbook contract template and the Typeform questionnaire together using Zapier. Start by signing in to Zapier or creating a free account.
  5. Create a new Zap and choose Typeform as your trigger app and New Entry as your trigger event (only option currently).
  6. Now you add the second step which is the action that will be executed when your trigger is activated i.e. the action that will be performed when someone fills out your Typeform questionnaire. Select Contractbook and choose Create Contract as the action event.
  7. Click Sign in to Contractbook and connect your accounts by clicking on Zapier and creating a Zapier key following this guide. Paste the API key and press Yes, Continue.
  8. Now you just work your way through the the Customize Contract step. Fields marked with (required) must be filled in, others are optional. There will be a field in Zapier for each editable field in the template. Make sure to connect them to the right data from Typeform. This is one reason we recommend you test your questionnaire as this step is easier to complete with real data.
  9. Once you are done press Continue then Test & Continue.
  10. If the test was successful you can now press Turn on Zap otherwise you just fix any errors and test again.
  11. That's it! However, we do recommend you test your new integration yourself before you share the link to the typeform.

When someone completes the Typeform questionnaire they will now receive an email with a link for a contract. The contract will automatically be signed by you so you do not need to do anything.

If you do not wish to sign automatically choose Create Draft in step 6. This way a contract draft is automatically generated which you can then manually sign and send.

We hope this helped you set up your integration!

If you have problems setting up your integrations, you are of course welcome to reach out to us in our chat. We are always happy to help you make contracts better!