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Contractbook and Typeform integration

Contractbook and Typeform integration

 Thor Haugaard
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Thor Haugaard
June 25, 2020

If you often handle standardised contracts, this is just the thing for you!

An integration between Contractbook and Typeform allows you to automatically generate, sign, and send contracts. This means that you can potentially free up a lot of time spent on manually handling contacts.

This integration works for any kind of contract that is completely similar every time you send it out. Two typical examples are DPAs and photo consent forms from events.

This integration works by linking a questionnaire in Typeform to Contractbook via Zapier. Your contract recipients fill out the questionnaire after which a contract is automatically generated, signed on your behalf, and sent to them via an encrypted email. The end-users can then simply access the contract from the email, read the contract, and sign.

Here's what you need to get started:

- Contractbook account

- Zapier account (free)

- Typeform account (free)

How to set up your integration with Typeform

All you need to do is connect specific questions in your questionnaire to specific fields in your contact template in Contractbook. Now, let's get a bit more technical. 

  1. In Contractbook you'll have to create your own contract template and insert editable fields for any variable info that you'll ask for in your Typeform questionnaire. Once your template is ready, create an API key. You do this under your profile settings on Contractbook. 
  2. Create a free Typeform account if you don't already have one. Now create a new questionnaire from scratch. Make sure to ask for at least the recipients' names and email addresses. It is through this questionnaire you ask for the information you need in your contract. Now you connect the dots.
  3. Create a free Zapier account unless you already have one. If you haven't made any integrations with Zapier and Typeform before, you'll need to connect your accounts.
  4. After you've linked your accounts, create a new Zap and choose Typeform as your first step. The first step in your Zap will always act as the trigger initiating a series of actions. 
  5. Now add the second step which is the action that's being executed when your trigger is activated. Select Contractbook as the second step and connect your account using the API key that you created on your Contractbook profile. Choose the action to be Create Contract and start matching your answers from the questionnaire with the editable fields from your contract template.

We hope this helped you set up your integration!

If you have problems setting up your integrations, you're of course welcome to reach out to us in our chat. We're always happy to help you make contracts better!

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