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Contractbook and Slack integration

Contractbook and Slack integration

Tobias Rudolf Justesen
August 2, 2021

Get notified in Slack about important interactions with your contracts

Are you also a fan of Slack? In Contractbook, we use this tool for all internal communication. We even use Slack for external communication with close partners.

Imagine e.g. your sales department getting all hyped and motivated because each of their signed sales agreements are announced in their internal Slack channel. The vibe and mentality that comes from this is priceless!

You can have this integration up and running in just a few minutes by using our Zapier template below. Just push Use this Zap. Alternatively, you can set it all up yourself by following the guide further down.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • Contractbook account
  • Zapier account (free)
  • Slack account (free)

How to set up your integration with Slack

1. Create or log in to your Zapier account and press Make a Zap.
2. We suggest you start out with naming your Zap.
3. Select Contractbook as your trigger app.

4. Choose your trigger event. This is the event in Contractbook that will trigger the action in Slack. There are several options all of which are explained in Zapier.
5. Press Continue.
6. Press Sign in to Contractbook.
7. Press Zapier. Now follow this guide to create an API key for your new Zap.
8. Paste the API key and press Yes, Continue.
9. Press Test trigger. Zapier will now import data from Contractbook to test the trigger and connection. Have a look and see if it seems correct. You can sometimes chose another source.
10. Press Continue.
11. Now you pick the action app, in this case Slack.
12. Pick the action event you want. Like with the trigger event there are several options all of which are explained in Zapier.
13. Press Continue.
14. Now it's time to sign in to your Slack account just like you had to sign in to your Contractbook account. Just click Sign in to Slack then Allow.
15. Press Continue.
16. Now you just go through all the fields you see and follow the instructions in Zapier. Mandatory fields will be marked with (required). Once you're done press Continue.
17. Zapier will now generate a test action based on the test data from point 9. Press Test & Continue. Slack should now perform the action you set it up to.
18. If you are happy with the test action you can go ahead and turn your new Zap on.

If you have any trouble following the above steps just reach out in our support chat and we will be happy to guide you.