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Tarek Slimani
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Tarek Slimani
June 10, 2020

Save time by saving your contacts! With a few clicks you can now insert a saved contact in a draft and send them a contract in a matter of seconds.

Adding contacts to the contact list

Step 1: Click on your email address in the top right-hand corner in the navigation bar. A menu with Contact list will now unfold.

Step 2: Click Contact list.

Step 3: Click Add new contact.

Step 4: Add contact information and press Add new contact to the list.

The contact has now been saved. 

You can edit contacts when required, and delete them when they are no longer necessary. Furthermore, you can separate company contacts and private contacts to easily manage a growing list of contacts.

All of your recipients will be automatically saved as contacts when you send a contract. You can edit or delete these later in the contact list if needed.

Insert a contact in a draft

When you are creating a contract and want to add one of your contacts, you can either click on the little magnifying glass icon in the company name/full name field or you can start entering the company name/full name.

If you chose to start typing, Contractbook will suggest matching contacts for you. Just on the contact you're looking for and the information will be filled in automatically.

We hope this feature will make your contract management even more streamlined, straightforward, and efficient.

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